Our first grants have been made. Please help us fulfill more requests from science teachers to ensure our public school students get the science education so necessary to improve our future.

The Hillsborough Education Foundation accepted an initial donation from Future Florida Scientists, to fully fund a science project requested by a teacher from Lopez Elementary School. This project will provide 88 students in 4th grade with firsthand experience with scientific methods in understanding the health of local ecosystems through investigating the predation and consumption patterns of owls. This will be done by systematically analyzing the content of local owl pellets.

The Pinellas Education Foundation accepted an initial donation from Future Florida Scientists, to partially fund a science project requested by a teacher from Calvin A. Hunsinger High School. This project will provide 25 students in 9-12th grades to use science to debunk the Flat Earth “concept” (pseudoscience) while learning concepts of the Coriolis Effect, the Earth and Moon Movements and Global Positioning/ Map Coordinate Systems.

Who We Are

We are a collection of community members including theists, atheists, humanists, freethinkers, anyone who cares deeply about our future, the future of the world, and the future of children.

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What We Do

— We Find & Fund

public school teachers that are asking for science kits/equipment for students.

We have received funding from American Humanist Association and donations from individuals and groups.

— We Build Networks

of community members and science teachers to provide educational opportunities to public school students who would not otherwise receive the support they need.

— We Strengthen

public education and community support for science and students.

— We Educate

the community and elected officials on the need for accurate science education in public schools

— We Provide

science kits that stimulate the love of learning, especially the love of learning science.

— We Consult

with teachers, parents, scientists, and community members to find the best resources for public school students.

Impact Stories - coming soon