We are a collection of theists, atheists, humanists, freethinkers, parents, community members, teachers, all who care deeply about our future, the future of our children, and the future of our world. Everyone who cares about these issues is welcome to join with us.

Who We Are

Team Members:

Andrea, Brad, Eileen, Jim, Joe, Jordan, Joyce, Judy, Scott. And you?  Click here to join our team.

Our Approach

We work with public schools and school teachers

We focus on public schools that are performing poorly, are in underserved communities, or are in need of support. Many of these schools provide a place for teachers to submit requests for items they need to stimulate, encourage, and reward students. We try to meet some of those needs that are related to science education.

— Our Mission

To encourage students to learn and understand the importance of science in their lives. To promote science as a career for students that are interested.

— Our Vision

Every public school student learns that science is an integral part of their daily life, a pathway out of poverty, and important to their future as well as the future of our society and world.